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Steplifts are designed specifically to help wheelchair users. Small changes in levels where you usually have steps are a total barrier when you rely on a wheelchair. The lift will raise you up however many steps you need to ascend, and then you can just wheel out and into your home. These lifts are available for both indoor and outdoor use. They can therefore enable access to your front door or to overcome changes in levels within your home or garden. Platform lifts are especially useful if there is not sufficient distance for ramp access to an external door.

Picture showing an example of steplifts

Steplifts and Public Buildings:

Steplifts and low rise platform lifts are also suitable for installation in public buildings such as offices and theatres. As a result of installing a steplift your building will be more compliant with disability access laws which state that you have a “duty to make reasonable adjustments for disabled people”.

Our most popular steplifts are below. We supply many other solutions to overcome your access problems. If you are within our service area contact us to arrange your free, no obligation survey and quote.