Can I try different Stairlifts before making a decision?

Yes, choosing the right stairlift can be difficult. It depends on a lot of factors including your requirements and the type of staircase you have. In our Lincolnshire showroom we have 11 different working stairlifts so you can see the differences for yourself. We would always recommend making an appointment to visit the showroom to ensure one of our expert advisers is available. They will answer all your questions and recommend the most suitable stairlift for you. Full details of our showroom are available HERE.


What happens when there is a power cut?

Our stairlifts are battery powered, which means they will continue to run even if your home suffers a power cut.

My staircase and landing are very narrow, will there be space for a stairlift?

Most stairlifts now have folding arms, seats and footrests, which means they can fold away when they’re not in use. Not only does this give you plenty of space to move around, but it also ensures your family can still get up and down the stairs safely.

Many of our stairlifts have slim rail options if space on the stairs is tight. We will discuss this with you in more detail during our survey visit.

How do I get the right lift for my stairs?

We will carry out a full survey and advise you on which lifts are suitable and those that are not.

How do you install a stairlift?

Stairlifts are secured to the stairs rather than the wall, so our engineer will clear the immediate area and then place the stairlift rail along your stairs before securing it in place. If you currently have handrails on both sides of a closed stair then one side will be removed so that the chair can move freely along the rail.

Once the rail is in place the engineer will add the chair and programme it to maneuver up any shaped staircase.

Before the engineer leaves, they will ensure all cables are tidied away and give you, and if necessary your family members, a demonstration of how to call, use and fold away your stairlift.

The engineer will then ask you to sit in the chair and help you assess the comfort and ease of use. If the controls need moving to the other chair arm or you would prefer an easier control button, we’ll get this in place before we leave.

What is the installation time for a stairlift?

We usually ask our customers to allow half a day for an installation, but stairlifts can be fitted on a straight staircase usually within 1-2 hours but it does depend on the complexity of the staircase. Once you’ve had an initial assessment, we’ll be able to give you a much better indication on time. Call us on 01427 787313 to book your appointment today.

In the event of a breakdown will an engineer actually attend, even at night, at the weekend or during a bank holiday?

Our products are simple and safe to use, but in the unlikely event that there should be a problem, we’re on hand 24/7, 365 days of the year to put it right.

How do I get the right lift for my condition?

We will carry out a full survey and advise you on which lift is most suitable for your needs.

What are your lead times?

We hold straight lifts on stock so delivery can be in a few days. Typically, a curved lift would be four to five weeks but we can achieve much quicker times on certain lifts. Please give us a call on 01427 787313 to discuss your individual case.

What is the cost of a stairlift?

Our range of stairlifts vary in price; for an individual cost, which involves assessment and bespoke fitting by one of our experienced engineers it’s best to give us a call on 01427 787532.

Do you offer stairlift servicing and stairlift repairs?

We do, yes. We provide a full installation and maintenance service for all our products, be they stairlifts, through-floor lifts or hoists.

Do you have stairlifts to rent or second hand stairlifts for sale?

We offer a rental service for straight stairlifts. Alternatively, you may wish to buy a second-hand, fully reconditioned stairlift.

How do I know which stairlift is right for me?

Don’t worry, Obam has over 100 years’ combined experience in this area and after a thorough assessment and investigation of the property and your individual needs, we will make recommendations for you to consider.


Still got a question? Call our team on 01427 787 532




A lot of companies boast a 24/7 service and maintenance offering, but few actually deliver. I can honestly say that Obam do that and we had our stairlift back up and running within hours of calling them

Mr S, Retford Obam

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