Considering everyone when making adaptations

Understandably, when home adaptations such as stairlifts, modular access ramps and through floor lifts are being considered, all of the focus and attention is on the elderly or disabled person who will be using them – considering what their needs are and making sure that the adaptations fulfil those needs. But quite often there is at least one other person living with that individual – maybe a husband, wife, partner or, perhaps, a child or a parent. This is generally the person or people that the individual needing the adaptation wants to stay at home to be with and yet it…

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Two-Time World Record Holder Attends Obam Open Day

European Handcycling Champion Liz McTernan was in Lincolnshire last week talking about her sporting achievements and how she’s adapted to life in a wheelchair following a freak diving accident. The 51-year-old from Grimoldby, who suffered a major spinal injury after she ascended too quickly following the malfunction of a buoyancy aid, was speaking at Obam Stairlifts’ open day in Sturton-by-Stow on 29th June. Over 60 people attended the event at the mobility equipment specialist’s showroom on Tillbridge Road. During lunch Liz, who is also a two-time IHPVA World Record Holder, explained what a difference even the most basic equipment, such as a…

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What adaptation solutions are available through local authorities?

If you are elderly or disabled and are struggling to get in and out of your property, around your home or up and down stairs then it may be that you could benefit from home adaptations such as a stairlift, through floor lift or modular access ramp. You may feel that you cannot afford this, and that therefore you have no choice but to reluctantly move out of your home. However, there may be a solution that you did not know was available. Since 1990 local housing authorities have had a statutory duty to provide help for major adaptations to disabled people’s…

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The importance of knowledge and experience when adapting homes

When you look to a home adaptations company for help to make changes to either yours or a loved one’s property so that you or they can get around the house easier, you need them to do more than just provide and install a stairlift. It is never that simple. In fact, a stairlift might not even be the best option, so you need to be able to speak to someone who knows what the full range of options is so that they can recommend the right product or combination of products for you or your loved one. This might be a…

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We had an Open Day – 29th June 2016

On Wednesday 29th June, we hosted an Open Day for anyone who's interested in finding out a bit more about us as a company, the adaptations products we provide and a chance to meet a Lincolnshire Paralympian who'll be heading off to Rio in August.  …

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The cost of care

One of the key reasons that more and more people are choosing to have adaptations like stairlifts, ramps, through floor lifts and hoists installed in their property is to enable them to stay in their own home for as long as they possibly can. A large part of this is because people have a huge emotional attachment to their home. They may have lived there for many years – perhaps even all of their lives, and are very happy. They will probably have many wonderful memories there and their family and friends will probably be nearby. They don’t want to go…

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Why do you need 24/7 service with a stairlift?

When you have a stairlift, even if you have chosen a reputable company and have had a thorough survey carried out before installation, there is also going to be the potential for something to go wrong. That is likely to be the case with any product you buy. You can have a great quality car, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t break down at some point. If your car does break down it can be a pretty urgent and serious situation – especially if you have broken down on the motorway in the middle of the night, it is very…

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Why choose modular access ramps?

In a previous article we outlined exactly what modular access ramps are, but why would you choose to have one installed at your home? Well, the key reason, as with many other home adaptation products such as stairlifts, handrails, hoists and through floor lifts, is that they can help and allow elderly and disabled people to stay in their own home for longer. As you (or your relatives and friends) get older, it may be that you struggle to get in and out of your property, and to get around it. It may seem like a relatively small obstacle, but something as…

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Later Life Matters Conference

On Monday 29th February, Obam's Sales Manager - Mark Buckley and our new sales executive - Libby Gault, attended a conference at the Central Hall Westminster about why "Later Life Matters". Hosted by MHA (the Methodist Homes Association) it discussed all elements of later life and how we can help people in their older years. This covered everything from adaptations & home improvements to social care, friendship and Silver Line (the Esther Rantzen-formed helpline for older people) and many other areas. A broad spectrum of attendees debated these points and it was very helpful & informative to get different perspectives about how…

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What are the benefits of installing a stairlift?

However long you have been living in your home, whether it has been for most of your life or just for a few years, the chances are that you are happy there, particularly if you live near to your family and friends. You almost certainly won’t want to be forced to move out and into a bungalow or care home simply because you can no longer get up and down the stairs. A stairlift is an efficient, simple solution which means that you don’t have to move out and can stay in your home. The user simply sits on the seat…

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A lot of companies boast a 24/7 service and maintenance offering, but few actually deliver. I can honestly say that Obam do that and we had our stairlift back up and running within hours of calling them

Mr S, Retford Obam

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