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1) What is the cost of a stairlift?

The type of stairlift needed will depend on the staircase.  A lift for a straight staircase will be cheaper than a lift for a curved or angled staircase.  There will be more variance in price with a curved staircase because the track will have to be made to fit your staircase.


2) What is the installation time for a stairlift?

Stairlifts can be fitted on a straight staircase usually within 1-2 hours but it does depend on the complexity of the staircase.


3) Is there a warranty that will come with the stairlift?

When purchasing a stairlift make sure there is a warranty of at least 12 months for your stairlift and after care service.  Some makes of stairlifts do come with extended warranties.


4) What happens if my stairlift breaks down?

We offer a 365 day service, 24/7.  This means if you call one of our engineers they should be able to come to you the same day, including weekends and Bank Holidays.


5) Other people will need to use my stairs?

Modern stairlifts are designed to be slim.  British Safety Standards do not allow any stairlift to obstruct a staircase and all our installations conform to these standards.


6) Will there be a mess after my stairlift has been installed?

Most stairlifts are fitted to the stairs not the wall, so there is minimum disruption and no unsightly repairs needed.  We will leave everything to your satisfaction.


7) What if something gets in the way of the stairlift?

The stairlift has safety sensors which automatically stop the lift if anything is detected in its path.  The lift will not simply plough through objects or jam up against them.


8 ) Who will show me how to use the stairlift?

The engineer who installed the lift will make sure you fully understand how to use the lift before they leave.


9) What happens if there is a power cut?

All of our stairlifts are installed with batteries which are on charge continuously.  In the event of a power cut, the batteries will have enough power charge for up to approximately 8 trips.


10) What makes us different?

We are in the business of selling stairlifts like any other stairlift firm.  However, we fully recognise that this is also a service industry and our success lies in providing our customers with excellent on going customer service.

If we believe that it would be impractical for you to have a stairlift installed or that you wouldn’t in fact benefit from a stairlift then we will say so.  We always make sure that we advise you on the best product for your needs.

We endeavour to give you the best service from start to finish and to continue this with our after care service.

Our business grows by referrals from people who like what we do!


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