Why should you have a survey carried out when getting a stairlift?

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You should always have a proper, thorough and complete survey carried out by a stairlift installation company and should never be forced into making a decision on the day about what stairlift you want before they have had the opportunity to assess your individual needs.

Why? Because until a company has carried out a survey, they won’t know if the product they are providing will actually meet your full requirements.

So, the company needs to fully consider the area into which the stairlift would be installed. What is the width of the staircase? If it is under 630mm for example then there may be a problem installing a stairlift, as the width will need to include the back of the seat, the person sitting down out to their knee, and any barriers and handrails. What is the height of the steps and of the staircase altogether? Are there any turns on the stairs, or is it a straight staircase? You might think that you have a straight staircase, but actually it has 12 steps going in a straight line, then a landing platform, then one step going a different way – this would still require a curved stairlift rather than a straight one. What is the angle of the staircase? Is there more than one flight of stairs? Is there something at the top or bottom of the staircase that cannot be moved? Are there any radiators in the way? Is there an electricity or gas meter in the way, or something protruding on the stairs, such as a cupboard? Although you might know the answers to some of these questions, chances are that you won’t know the answers to all of them if you were asked them in a shop or a showroom.

As well as this, the company needs to take into account the user themselves. What is the size of the person? How much do they weigh? What is their height? Whether someone is tall or short can make a big difference to the model of stairlift needed, with issues including getting easily on to the seat, the height of the seat and the footrests. What is their back to knee measurement for example? As well as measurements, it is important to know what the person who will be using the stairlift is capable of doing. How far can they walk, or do they have to be transferred from a wheelchair?

The answers to all of these questions are fundamental as to the type of stairlift that the user will need, or indeed as to whether or not they will be able to use a stairlift at all. A stairlift is not a “one size fits all” product; it needs to be tailored to suit the unique needs of the individual who will be using it. If a survey is not carried out, how is the company installing the stairlift going to know the answers? This is something that you want to go right the first time, as no company is going to remove a stairlift without charge, so if the wrong stairlift is installed it will end up costing you a lot more to resolve the situation than if you took the time to look round a bit more.

Obam always carries out a survey before installing a stairlift to ensure that the end user gets a product that will give them the maximum help required. We provide a full range of stairlifts for both straight and curved staircases. We can find a solution for almost all situations and even the most hardest of problems can potentially have an answer. For more information about our range of stairlifts, please give our friendly and experienced staff a call on 01427 787532, email info@obam.co.uk or visit https://obam.co.uk/product-category/stairlift-main/

Alternatively fill out this brief form and we will call you back to discuss your requirements and arrange your free stairlift survey.