Why choose modular access ramps?

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Blog 16 imageIn a previous article we outlined exactly what modular access ramps are, but why would you choose to have one installed at your home?

Well, the key reason, as with many other home adaptation products such as stairlifts, handrails, hoists and through floor lifts, is that they can help and allow elderly and disabled people to stay in their own home for longer.

As you (or your relatives and friends) get older, it may be that you struggle to get in and out of your property, and to get around it. It may seem like a relatively small obstacle, but something as simple as a high doorstep can be a huge problem if you are elderly or disabled.

Installing a ramp removes that barrier to getting in and out of your property. That problem may have been the only one you had with your home, but it may have been a big enough hurdle to mean that you had to move to somewhere else, such as a nursing home or residential care.

This of course is a key reason for installing a ramp, but why a modular access ramp in particular? Well, it may have been that you previously did not wish to have a ramp installed because you felt that it would have to be a permanent fixture, and therefore would change your property forever. This would be the case with something like a concrete ramp, which could indeed be off putting for potential future buyers if you needed to sell your home.

However, modular access ramps are not permanent and so installing one does not mean you are making permanent changes to your home. They allow you to adapt your property without changing it too much. A ramp that is not permanent can also be useful for a number of other reasons. One example is if the reason for not being able to get in and out of their property is only temporary – perhaps if they have broken a bone or are convalescing from a serious operation and are in a wheelchair for a relatively short period of time. Having a modular access ramp installed means you can still get in and out of your home whilst unable to walk, thus meaning that you don’t have to stay in hospital, but that you don’t have to keep the ramp as part of your home after you are well again.

Being able to remove the ramp can be very helpful in the sad situation when the person who needed the ramp passes away. It often benefits their relatives (husband or wife particularly) if the ramp can be removed, as it takes away that daily reminder of their loved one being ill, and helps them to remember them when they were fit and well.

Modular access ramps are also quick to install, as well as to remove. Whereas installing a permanent concrete ramp would probably take at least a week, subject to the weather, modular access ramps can be installed within a day, meaning that the person needing the ramp isn’t stuck inside the house all the time whilst waiting for the ramp to be ready for use. The pieces are just slotted together like a giant mecanno set.

Ultimately, modular access ramps are about making people’s lives easier. They can allow people to get outside, go to the shops, see their friends, go to a lunch club perhaps, and most importantly talk to people. If you would like to know more about ramps then please visit https://obam.co.uk/product-category/ramps/ or contact our friendly experienced staff who can help you and chat about your options, either by calling 01427 787532 or by email on info@obam.co.uk