The Stair Steady is a high quality fixed handrail and a sliding supporting handle that moves freely when pushed but locks in place when weight is applied. It acts as firm support for either climbing up or coming down the stairs.

100+ Reviews From Happy Customers

100+ Reviews From Happy Customers


The sturdy handle lets you have both hands in front of you as you go up or come down the stairs. You can travel at your own pace and once you reach the top or bottom the handle folds neatly away.

The StairSteady is manufactured in the UK to the highest standards complying with ISO 9000.

The StairSteady  can help people with a wide range of needs. It isn’t simply for the elderly and infirm. The Stair Steady has been used for people who are recovering from strokes, head injuries and chemotherapy as well as people with amputations and long term medical conditions such as M.E., diabetes and obesity. It has also been able to help people with specific needs such as being partially sighted. It is tested for use by people weighing up to 25 stone (158 kg).

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Mrs M, Louth
"Thank you Obam, the ramp is absolutely fabulous and the two engineers who installed it were friendly, polite and courteous"
Mrs S, Sudbrook

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