Home Adapt Bruno Elite Straight Stairlift

The Elite Straight Stairlift by HomeAdapt has been designed to have a high weight capacity whilst offering a comfortable, smooth ride. Due to the maximum weight limit of 190 kg (30 stone) it is suitable for the larger user including for bariatric use.

100+ Reviews From Happy Customers

100+ Reviews From Happy Customers


The large seat, back and arms have comfortable padding and the upholstery is available in a choice of colours. The slim rail fits close to the wall and fully encloses the drive mechanism. Compared to some other stair lifts it takes up minimum space on the stairs and looks clean and tidy.

The Elite Straight Stairlift charges its batteries continuously along the track. As a result you can leave it anywhere on the staircase when not in use and it will still charge its batteries. This is very useful if space is limited at the top or bottom of your stairs. It is also beneficial for those who may forget to leave the lift on a specific park (charge) point. Being battery operated the Bruno Elite Straight Stairlift can still be used during a power outage. This is because it will use the stored battery power to take you up and down your stairs, finally recharging the batteries once power is restored.

The Elite stairlift is controlled by an easy to use rocker switch mounted on the arm. If you prefer, a toggle switch can be fitted. The HomeAdapt Elite also comes with two remote controls.

As you would expect, the Elite Stairlift has many safety features. These are designed to protect the user as well as other people in the vicinity. For example, the stairlift can be turned off by a key lock. With the key removed the stairlift cannot be used. This prevents unauthorised use, for example, by children. The large, comfortable seat comes complete with a retractable lap seat belt. Finally, there are sensors which will gently stop the Elite stairlift if there are any obstructions in its way.

There are two remote controls provided, one for the top of the stairs and one for the bottom. This means if someone else has used the stairlift to go up stairs, you can call the Elite Stairlift to you downstairs using the remote control and vice versa.


  • High weight capacity of 30 stone (190 kg)
  • Adjustable seat, footrest and armrests
  • Extra large seat option
  • Comfortable
  • Space-saving
  • Remote controls

Homeadapt – Bruno Stairlift Range Brochure

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