Handicare 1000 Straight Stairlift

Handicare 1000

Founded in 1886 Handicare have been supplying seated stairlifts since 1961. The Handicare 1000 straight stairlift has one of the slimmest tracks available. When not in use, the footrest, seat and arms can be folded up. This means the lift takes up less room leaving more space for other stair users.

"Image of Handicare 1000 stairlift


The Handicare 1000 has a slimline anodised aluminium track with a concealed rack. It therefore looks very neat and the rail is quite unobtrusive. There are two park (charging) points as standard. As a result, the batteries will be charged when it is parked at the top or the bottom of the staircase.  Therefore the batteries are always fully charged, ready for use. Therefore the Handicare 1000 can be used even during a power cut. Once the power is restored the stairlift will charge the batteries back to full power as long as it has been left on a park point. Due to the concealed rack and the anodised finish, the slim track looks very neat and clean.

Powered Hinge:

Obstructions, such as doorways, close to the bottom of the stairs can be a problem for some stairlifts. Not for the Handicare 1000 as a result of the optional powered hinge fitted to the track, if required. This automatically lifts the track out of the way of the doorway when the stairlift is not in use.

"Picture of hinged rail in lowered position across a door
The hinged rail in lowered position across a door and in the raised position in the picture below.

"Image showing the Handicare 1000 hinged rail in raised position

Choice of Upholstery:

The Smart Seat is available in a choice of six upholstery colours. Enough to blend in with most colour schemes, of, if your feeling bold, to contrast with your decor. However, the outdoor version is only available in slate grey.

Picture of Handicare 1000 Smart seat Fabric Options
Handicare Smart Seat Fabric Options


Powered upgrades:

Optional powered features are available. In addition to the powered hinge, other powered options can be specified. For example a powered swivel to turn the seat at the top of the staircase as well as a powered folding foot rest to stow it away after use.

Perch Seat:

The 1000 also has the option of a Perch Seat for users who cannot travel in a seated position. This could be, for example, due to knee or hip problems. This could even be a solution for a very narrow staircase. As a result of the raised, shallow perch seat, the lift is used in a standing position.

Picture of Handicare 950 Plus Smart Perch Seat


Together with a few modifications, and a waterproof cover, the 1000 stairlift is suitable for most outdoor applications. In addition to these modifications the Handicare exterior stairlift comes with UV stable slate grey upholstery and an anti-slip footrest. It is therefore the perfect solution if you have steps to your front or back door. Furthermore you can therefore use the Outdoor Handicare 1000 to access your garden where there are steps due to changes in levels. In conclusion, steps leading up to your property, or even within your garden, can be fitted with an exterior stairlift.

"Image of Handicare 1000 exterior stairlift

Weight Capacities:

This stairlift is suitable for use by people weighing up to 137 kg / 21½ stone as standard. In addition there is an XXL upgrade available which raises the maximum capacity to 200 kg / 31½ stone.


Straight Stairlift Brochure from Handicare

Outdoor Stairlift Brochure from Handicare

User Manual:

Click Here for the 1000 User Manual


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