Otolift Air Smart Stairlift

Otolift’s most advanced stairlift, the Otolift modul air smart is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, making it safe and effortless to operate.

100+ Reviews From Happy Customers

100+ Reviews From Happy Customers


Expect great comfort thanks to the ergonomic design and high-quality upholstery of the Otolift Air Smart. Do you consider design important? The finish is sublime. In the folded position, the Modul-Air Smart is a discrete sight. The smart chair moves quietly on an ultra-thin rail, composed of innovative modules that fit together perfectly. Otolift’s Modul-Air Smart is the perfect solution for every staircase.

The Otolift Modul-Air Smart sets the new standard. Comfort, design, safety, and technology come together in one stairlift.

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100+ Reviews

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"We Found the Engineer very polite, knowledgeable, Patient and Helpful, he did not leave until we understood everything"
Mrs M, Louth
"Thank you Obam, the ramp is absolutely fabulous and the two engineers who installed it were friendly, polite and courteous"
Mrs S, Sudbrook

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