Doorline Multi

Say goodbye to uPVC door threshold challenges with the Doorline Multi – your ultimate solution for creating a seamless and accessible route.

100+ Reviews From Happy Customers

100+ Reviews From Happy Customers


Say goodbye to uPVC door threshold challenges with the Doorline Multi – your ultimate solution for creating a seamless and accessible route. Engineered to tackle uPVC door threshold problems, this innovative product offers a unique approach to accessibility, ensuring a comfortable and secure entry into any property.

The Doorline Multi comes in two sizes, catering to various door thresholds, making it a versatile choice for different settings. Its distinctive design allows it to rest securely on the threshold, distributing weight effectively and creating a robust edge-nosing. This feature makes it the perfect companion for any Aerolight or Ultralight ramp, providing a smooth pathway from the outside to the inside of the property.

Uniquely designed with a lip and rubber anti-slip feature, the Doorline Multi eliminates the risk of threshold damage and ensures a safe and secure passage. This portable threshold ramp is not just a solution; it’s a game-changer for uPVC doors.

The Doorline Multi is designed to work seamlessly with our Aerolight and Ultralight ramps, effortlessly bridging any threshold. The result is a cohesive and comfortable route that enhances accessibility without compromise.

Built for longevity, the Doorline Multi boasts an anodized finish, ensuring years of reliable service. Despite its robust construction, this threshold ramp remains exceptionally lightweight, making it quick and easy to deploy. Its 300kg capacity combines strength with convenience, providing a reliable solution for various users.

Experience comfort and ease with the Doorline Multi’s fold-away, rattle-free handle – a thoughtful addition that enhances user experience. Choose the Doorline Multi for the ultimate portable threshold ramp to overcome uPVC door challenges with style, durability, and unmatched innovation.

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