Aerolight Extra

Elevate your accessibility solutions with the Aerolight Extra. This folding suitcase ramp stands out as the all-around winner in real-life situations.

100+ Reviews From Happy Customers

100+ Reviews From Happy Customers


Designed for convenience, portability, and safety, the Aerolight Extra is your reliable companion for overcoming obstacles easily.

Weighing in as one of the lightest in its class, the Aerolight Extra lives up to its name, providing exceptional convenience in handling. This lightweight ramp ensures that deploying and manoeuvring it is quick and easy, making it a practical choice for various scenarios.

The Aerolight Extra doesn’t just excel in functionality; it also impresses with its innovative design for storage. Folding and clipping together effortlessly, this wheelchair ramp transforms into a compact suitcase for convenient storage. Its flat hinge underneath enhances step clearance, ensuring a seamless transition for users.

Safety meets visibility with the contrasting colour edge strip, adding an extra layer of assurance. The Aerolight Extra is not only easy to see but also easy to carry and deploy. The full-width anti-slip surface guarantees excellent grip, providing confidence to users in every step.

Innovative design extends to the details of carrying and deploying the ramp. The grip surface folds inside when stored and carried, offering protection and ensuring ultimate safety during transport and deployment.
Choose the Aerolight Extra for a folding suitcase ramp that exceeds expectations – offering lightweight convenience, compact storage, and top-notch safety features. Whether it’s navigating steps or thresholds, the Aerolight Extra is your reliable and versatile solution for real-life situations.

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