Sterling S425 Road Going Mobility Scooter

The Sterling S425 Road Going Mobility Scooter has all the features you want.

100+ Reviews From Happy Customers

100+ Reviews From Happy Customers


It has an impressive range of  26 miles (42km)* and a top speed of 8mph (12.8kmh)*. Since you will be travelling distances and spending a long time in the scooter, ease of use and comfort are important. With such a long range, the S425 mobility scooter has been fully equipped to make it road legal. You can therefore use it both on the road or on the pavement.

The easy-to-adjust luxury seating makes finding your perfect riding position simple. The seat height, depth and recline can be adjusted to suit your own unique driving position. The comfortable armrests are width, angle and depth adjustable and flip up. This, combined with the seat rotation, ensures that getting in and out of your mobility scooter is effortless.

The adjustable tiller can be positioned so everything is in the perfect position for you. The controls are easy to use on the ergonomically designed Delta Handle Bar which provides wrist support. You can use either your fingers or your thumbs to control the scooter. As you adjust the tiller, the bright, LED headlight, is automatically tilted to maintain the correct position.

The S425 has large 30cm (12″) pneumatic wheels and an all-around adjustable suspension system. This ensures a comfortable ride, even when navigating bumpy terrain or tackling drop-kerbs. Plus, if required, there is an optional heavy duty rear-suspension kit for an even firmer and stiffer ride!  As you’ll be travelling on roads, the increased wheel height (30cm) will help to tackle those usual outdoor obstacles with ease. It will easily handle slopes of up to 8º (that’s 1 in 7, measured the old fashioned way).

The strong rear safety bumper has integral anti-tip wheels which prevent the scooter from tipping over backwards. The luxury, comfort seat is equipped with a lap belt and the scooter is equipped with a horn to let other people know you’re there. There is an automatic 2 stage braking system. As soon as you release the control, automatic, regenerative breaking will bring the scooter to a stop. Once stopped, the parking brake will be automatically applied. The parking brake is released when the throttle is next used.

All the lighting is provided by LED units. These are very bright and minimise the drain on the batteries. The Sterling S425 Road Legal mobility scooter has a head light, front and rear indicators, rear running lights, hazard lights and brake lights. As well as a dial type speed controller to limit the maximum speed, there is a “Tortoise” Button. This should always be engaged for use indoors and on pavements. When pressed, this button limits the maximum speed to 4mph which is the maximum legally allowed speed on the pavement and is approximately the average adult walking pace.


  • Width: 660mm (66cm)
  • Length: 1350mm (135cm)
  • Seat Height: 450mm – 500mm (45cm – 50cm)
  • Turning Radius: 1.5m
  • Front Wheel Size: 300mm (30cm)
  • Rear Wheel Size: 300mm (30cm)


  • Max. Range: 26 miles (42 km)*
  • Speed: 8mph  (12.8kmh)*
  • Batteries: 55Ah x 2
  • Maximum Safe Slope: 8º at 150kg
  • Light And Indicators: Yes
  • Total Weight: 117kg
  • Maximum User Weight: 150kg (23.7 stone)

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