My Stairlift is Beeping. What does this mean?

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If your stairlift is beeping continuously when not in use, it usually means it is not charging the internal batteries. The most common reasons are:

  • The stairlift is not parked on a charge point (if it has one)
  • It is turned off at the wall (perhaps accidentally, e.g. by a cleaner)
  • The stairlift is turned off at the key switch
  • Check it. The stairlift is beeping. We get called out only to find the beeping coming from elsewhere. Most commonly, a smoke alarm warning its battery is low!


Check the stairlift is turned on at the wall and on the stairlift itself.

Ensure the stair lift is on its park point (usually at the top or bottom of the staircase). Using the remote to make the stairlift move quickly and then return it to the park point.

Still need help:

If you can’t resolve your stairlift beeping issue and are already an Obam customer, call us. If you’re not already one of our customers, we can still help, Please contact us for help with your stairlifts.