How do you install a stairlift?

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Stairlifts are secured to the stairs rather than the wall, so our engineer will clear the immediate area and then place the stairlift rail along your stairs before securing it in place. If you currently have handrails on both sides of a closed stair then one side will be removed so that the chair can move freely along the rail.

Once the rail is in place the engineer will add the chair and programme it to manoeuvre up your staircase. All curved tracks are custom made for your staircase and the stairlift is programmed to the track. This makes sure you have the best fit possible for your stairlift and the best ride experience available.

Before the engineer leaves, they will ensure all cables are tidied away and give you, and, if necessary, your family members, a demonstration of how to call, use and fold away your stairlift. The engineer will also leave you a copy of the user manual for your stairlift.

The engineer will then ask you to sit in the chair and help you assess the comfort and ease of use. If the controls need moving to the other chair arm or you would prefer an easier control button, we’ll get this in place before we leave.