Handicare 950 Straight Stairlift

The Handicare 950 Straight Stairlift is an excellent choice when you are having difficulty climbing your stairs. It is suitable for straight staircases only. Our range of stair lifts suitable for curved staircases can be found here. Handicare designed the 950 for maximum economy, reliability and ease of use. Handicare consulted occupational therapists to help design the control toggle switch. The resulting switch makes the operation of the stairlift simple and easy, even for users with arthritis or rheumatism. We also supply two remote controls to call the stairlift to you or to move it away from the top or bottom of the stairs when not in use.

Picture of Handicare 950 Toggle Switch

The neutral sand coloured Simplicity Seat is finished in a wipe clean, flame retardant fabric. It is also supplied with a seat belt and a lever operated manual swivel. The footrest, seat and arms can be manually folded up when not in use to create more space for other stair users. The footrest can be upgraded to a powered option if you cannot manually fold it.

Handicare 950 Stairlift folded

The Handicare 950 continually charges its internal batteries along the entire length of the track. This means the lift can be parked anywhere on the stairs when it is not in use. In the unlikely event of a power cut, the batteries will enable you to continue to use your Handicare 950 Stair lift. Once the power is restored the batteries will be charged back to full capacity from the mains electricity supply.

Picture of the Handicare 950 Seat

The Track:

If there is a doorway close to the bottom of your stairs the 950 track can be supplied with a manual hinge or a Slide Track. With the manual hinge raised, the track is out of the way of the doorway.

Picture showing the manual hinge
Manual Hinge in raised position

The optional slide track automatically moves up or down your stairs with the stairlift. This eliminates the need for a hinged track to prevent any potential trip hazards. The track is slightly shorter than your stairs. As you travel on the stairlift, it reaches the top of your home’s stairs on the way up before the stairlift itself. On the way down it travels along with you. This allows you to get on and off the stair lift easily and safely.

Picture of Handicare Sliding Rail
Handicare Sliding Rail


The 950 stairlift from Handicare has all the safety features you would expect. You can turn the stairlift off, using the removable key. This prevents unauthorised use, eg by children.

There are safety sensors on the footrest which will stop the stairlift from moving if it encounters an obstruction.

Picture showing Handicare 950 Safety edges in action

The slide track has safety sensors at both ends. If it detects an obstruction the track will stop moving. If required, the stairlift will continue to move along the stationary track towards the obstacle in question. This allows the passenger, if safe to do so, to remove the obstructing object and continue up or down the stairs. If preferred, the track and stairlift can also be moved away from the obstruction.

The manual swivel ensures you are at the safest position to get on and off your stairlift at the top of your staircase. There is a seat belt to keep you safe whilst the stairlift is in motion.

If you are looking for an economy stairlift, the 950 is the ideal solution. The Handicare 950 straight stairlift saves you money on your initial outlay, without any detriment to safety or quality.

Upgrades: The Handicare 950 Plus

There is also the Handicare 950 Plus (950+). The 950+ features the Smart Seat which is available in a range of colours. It also has the option for a power swivel and powered footrest for extra convenience.

Picture of Handicare 950 Plus Smart Seat and colour options

The 950+ also has the option of a Perch Seat for users who cannot sit down. This could be due to knee or hip problems or even as a result of a narrow staircase. With the raised, shallow seat you can use the lift in a standing position whilst being secured by a seatbelt.

Picture of Handicare 950 Plus Smart Perch Seat


Straight Stairlift Brochure from Handicare

Handicare 950 User Manual

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We were very pleased with the service and help we received from the engineers and staff at the showroom.

Mr C. - Lincoln, Lincolnshire Minivator 950 Plus Stairlift Minivator 950 Plus Stairlift 10th May 2021


    A lot of companies boast a 24/7 service and maintenance offering, but few actually deliver. I can honestly say that Obam do that and we had our stairlift back up and running within hours of calling them

    Mr S, Retford Obam

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