What are the benefits of installing a stairlift?

cream stairliftHowever long you have been living in your home, whether it has been for most of your life or just for a few years, the chances are that you are happy there, particularly if you live near to your family and friends. You almost certainly won’t want to be forced to move out and into a bungalow or care home simply because you can no longer get up and down the stairs.

A stairlift is an efficient, simple solution which means that you don’t have to move out and can stay in your home. The user simply sits on the seat and is taken from the bottom of the stairs to the top and vice-versa, enabling people to easily go up and down stairs that otherwise would not be able to. In short, a stairlift can make a person’s life much easier and more comfortable, allowing them to continue to sleep in their own bed and get to the bathroom easily.

They are extremely varied and flexible, so your stairlift installation company should be able to find the right type of stairlift to suit both the staircase and the individual using it. So, even if there are objects in the way like radiators, items of furniture, electricity & gas meters or cupboards, or if there are turns in the staircase, the staircase is very narrow, the steps are very high, there will usually be a stairlift available that is appropriate for the situation. Likewise, there are plenty of options available depending on the size of the individual and the capability of the individual. What type of stairlift someone needs is very much dependant on their height and their weight and whether they can walk into it or need to be transferred onto it from a wheelchair. Ultimately, a stairlift is not a one size fits all product, and in most cases can be the solution to an individual’s problem.

A stairlift is also relatively cost effective and quick to install. It can also be temporary. Stairlifts are fitted to the stairs rather than to the wall, and can be taken away as quickly as they are installed. This therefore means that if someone goes into hospital and has a major operation, comes home but cannot manage the stairs for a few weeks or months as a result, they can have a stairlift installed as a temporary measure to allow them to go upstairs to bed, and the stairlift can then be easily taken out when they are fully fit again. It also means that if you move and sell your house, the stairlift can be easily taken out.

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